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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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120,000 refugees have been relocated around the eu. in hungary, the main crossing point is closed for thousands of refugees. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, egypt offers con dole lenses as eight mexican tourists are accidentally killed in a security operation. >> the australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile. >> the new leader who will
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become australia's fourth prime minister in just over four years. and a missing activist in the democratic republic of congo. hungary is set to introduce tougher measures which could see refugees deported. awes tree i can't and slovakia have become the latest to bring back checks on their boarders. germany's chancellor said it's designed to produce a more orderly flow of people and not to keep them out.
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but now there's news from brussels that followed an earlier agreement to redistribute 40,000 people from italy and greece for many, the journey into the european union has only just begun. >> while grateful for the food, nassan knows he has barely enough time to eat. we're closed they're going to close the border and not let us in. with all the death and destruction we're begging hungary to please let us through. >> along serbia's border are hungary, they're running across the clock. even the wounded must find the ability to continue. >> after escaping death he decided to get his family out by
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any means necessary. we're trying any way we know how. we came all this way to get to europe and we'll try any way possible to keep going, to get all the way here from south iraq and then stopped, no, we have to keep going. >> despite the hardships, his wife and children are still hopeful they'll be able to make it over the next border. >> others though aren't as optimistic. >> crossing from serbia into hunga hungary, they must walk 3 kilometers. they're afraid to appear on camera worried they're not able to get into hungary and if they do they won't be able to get out of hungary in if coming days. everybody is very aware that the border from serbia into hungary
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is not a guarantee. soldiers guard gaps that just hours earlier refugees walked through. while families barred from entry decide to make a path for another possible crossing point, a train carriage outfitted in razor wire is out fitted here to stop the influx just once and for all. just one more road block for those on a road that gets longer every day. let's take you now to a news conference that's going on in hungary and listen in to that now. that is we are going to close the borders, the natural
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borders. supply with international. claims that they're going to -- by these migrants at these assigned points or crossing stations. there are going to be two of them and obviously police and other authorities are ready to protect the natural borders of the country. we're going to give you more information on that during the night as it is required and during the next couple of days in the regular manner and obviously i'm at your disposal for individual interviews and information. if you have any questions now considering the details, i'm readky i did to answer them.
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>> well, today we have witnessed an all-time peak in terms of illegal border crossings. the real number is going to be close to 10,000. just one day. closing to 190,000 illegal migrants this year let alone in hungary. this obviously is a staggering number, skyrocketing. which is growing in the past couple of weeks and months. this is the position of hungary here at the border and at the european forums that we have to make the first our first and address other issues only after that and that is to reestablish europe's ability to protect these borders. we're not able to protect
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controlled borders and it is numbers about distribution and treatment. so first things first, border control and capabilities should be rein the frontier countries especially in italy anticipate greece and that's why the delegation of hungary as of today has represented a new approach of the meeting of the ministers of interior. to help restore greece's ability to control the european borders. as soon as it's going to happen we're going to see a little bit of easiness concerning illegal migration and it's going to provide us the opportunity to raise the issue in a proper manner. we're not able to control the
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borders. >> what do you fear with the migrants after midnight. the manslaughter of labor said they don't want them back. >> we are going to deal with all migrants. we're trying to establish at this point actually with those people at the border station and already on the soil of hungary as humanly and flexible treatment as possible. that's a task for the authorities here.
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that is illegal border crossings, the pressure is going to ease in this section of the european border. today, we are -- today we have surpassed 9,000. >> the government of hungary explaining there's going to be a new era in hungary. he's encouraging people in the country, illegal migrants to go to the official crossing points because they've now closed off the unofficial crossing points that a number of people have been using for weeks now. they said today they answered an all-time peak in illegal crossings. so that is the situation there. on the border.
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in hungary. let's bring in andrew simmons who is also there. a very strong message there from the officials in hungary that they want people to go to the other official crossing and there's going to be no more crossing at that point. >>reporter: that was expected, this hard line has been signalling for the past number of weeks and putting out the message that it's down to him to actually put forward eu law as he calls it but he's gone beyond that. they are going through official posts and only two crossings mentioned in that news conference, two crossings and the number of 10,000 which he
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referred to is a record but the reason for it is that there's been a massive rush in serbiaf refugees to get across the border. serbians have been laying on buses to the border. in turn, this is a symptom of this crisis. government of hungary has been laying on lots of buses to bus out of the refugees who have gone in small numbers two kilometers along a country side track to the official border post after being turned down by a rather ugly rail carriage blocking the line with razor wire all over it and police officers. and they're now going through that border post and being bussed to the railroad station nearby and taken straight to austria. the chain of events is ugly for refugees because austria is
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introducing border controls. it's a chain reaction to what could happen. new pressures which is government of hungary is rolling out. it's said he would inform the media overnight of other developments but one of those is likely to be that the new asylum law means that serbia is regarded as a safe country and really asylum application made by anyone in this country is going to get thrown out if they're going through serbia. what's more, the prime minister has also said as far as he's concerned, anybody who is an economic migrant will also be turned out. thousands more police officers are on this 175 kilometer border which is mostly fenced by a
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4-meter high razor wire top fence. it's going to be incredibly difficult for the stream of refugees to continue at the rate it had done. this is what he wants and is actually trying to put through with these laws. as for the refugees, what will they do? many of them could be stuck in serbia. unhcr has already warned that this could be tragic. european ministers have been meeting to address this crisis and say their handling will have a lasting impact on the continent. >> europe is at a cross roads.
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the crisis that unfortunately will last as long as our neighborhood is on fire. we're safe. can we save the history of our cultures and societies. it will demonstrate to our citizens how european and how united we want to be in the future. after several have very heated debates at the european level, we can finally make progress. we formally as the president said before adopted the decision to relocate 40. but for our proposal, 120,000,
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we did not have the agreement we wanted. what happens next on this nonagreement if you like? >>reporter: yes, the ministers reaching an agreement by sharing out the 120,000 that didn't -- that he was just referring to there, ministers have been trying to put a positive spin on it talking about the political commitment to relocate them but the bottom line is that there was no agreement on monday. what happens next is that the position will be put off to another meeting. most likely another european council meeting held on october 8th although it's possible that heads of government could be called to an emergency meeting sooner than that because when you look at the situation on the ground, at the situation at these bottle
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necks at different border crossings, you have to ask yourself if in fact the situation can be left as it is. it's still three weeks away and that's still a very long time. thank you very much indeed. still ahead, a shakeup down under. australia prepares to have a new prime minister. prime minister.
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the main headline this hour on al jazeera, the union has agreed to relocate 120,000 refugees around the eu. officials in hungary have blocked a main crossing point at the border with serbia. eight mexican tourists were accidentally killed in egypt during a security operation. helicopter gun ships mistook them for what they called terrorist elements. here's the latest on mexico's response. >>reporter: mexico's foreign minister said her country was still in shock following the incident that took place on sunday. a diplomatic note expressing mexico's bafflement had been sent to egypt. >> mexico expresses deep dismay at this terrible event.
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>>reporter: the foreign minister added mexican officials had spoken to some of the survivors. >> mexicans that made it to the hospital told us they had been attacked by air with bombs fired from planes and helicopters. >>reporter: the injured were taken to cairo for treatment. the acting prime minister of egypt arrived at the hospital to visit them. egypt has expressed regret at the incident but has said that the tourists were in a restricted area without permission. >> we are standing with the mexican people in their tragedy. the circumstances surrounding the incident in part of egypt's fight against terror i. i give my deepist con dole lenses. >>reporter: two tourists were driving in four wheel drive vehicles and a number of egyptians were killed and
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injured along with the mexicans. the mexican president said he strongly condemned these acts against our citizens in a tweet. troops at the time were said to be chasing armed terrorists in the desert. the state department says it appears moscow is continuing to support the syrian president al assad amid reports russia has positioned tanks in syria in the center of a military buildup. seven tanks have been seen at an airfield near a strong hold of al assad. russia's assistance is in line with international law. >>reporter: escape pentagon officials don't know why the russian russian military is expanding its air strip in an
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air base or why it's sending in the number of troops that are on the ground said to be around 200. although pentagon officials won't confirm that. however, the pentagon is very concerned as well as the obama administration about the possibility of russian forces, one, supporting the syrian military in its civil war against the moderate opposition, and, two, possibly coming into conflict with the u.s.-led coalition that has been going after isil in the northern part of syria. now, while russia and the u.s. agree that isil is a threat to both of their countries and their ally's security needs, the u.s. and the coalition have not invited russia to take part in the fight against isil. mainly because the u.s. believes that russia would do so only in an attempt to prop up al assad which is u.s. opposes. that said, the u.s. does not want to go into how it knows that the russians are apparently making attempts to build what
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it's calling a forward operating air base but says that it is watching these developments with concern. >> the afghan taliban says it's freed more than 430 prisoners. although the afghan interior ministry puts the figure at 450. four police officers were killed and several others were wounded in the raid. >> jennifer glass is in kabul. >>reporter: a coordinated taliban attack in that prison started at 2:00 o'clock in the morning when the taliban detonated a car bomb and then at least ten taliban attackers assaulted the prison freeing hundreds of prisoners among them a taliban commander's fail suicide fighters. security was already bad before this incident. those freed taliban dozens of them will not improve the situation at all and it
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highlights how fragile security is that such a coordinated attack can happen in a prison. it's been a very, very brutal year for afghan security forces. nato puts the number of afghan police and army dead and wounded at 15,000 so far this year. that's an average of 22 afghan soldiers being killed a day across afghanistan. numbers that analysts here say are just unsustainable and one of the big challenges for the new government president ghani. it knows that security is a key for afghanistan if it wants to move forward and get any stability here. tony abbott has been deposed after a challenge from his own liberal party.
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malcomb turn bull was successful on 54.. tony abbott got 44. there has never been a more exciting time to be alive than
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today. and there has never been a more exciting time to be an ausa. he was never personally popular and as the -- began to look slim. . malcomb turnbull was a long time rival and known to harbor ambitions to be prime minister. abbott's government he promised will be one of stability, one of no surprises. it was not to be. malcomb turnbull will be sworn
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in formally on tuesday. three people have been arrested in malaysia in connection with a bombing of an shrine last month. two malaysians and a pakistani are arrested. they were picked up after a tippoff from the thai authorities. a leading opposition party in the congo has pulled out of talks with the government accusing the president of trying to remain in power after his second term. some supporters who took part in antigovernment demonstrations in january are still missing. here's more. >>reporter: she says the last thing her son said to her was help me, i'm innocent.
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please pray for me. then men in military uniform dragged her son out of the house. she has not seen him since. whoever took him, if you have already killed him, please show me where his body is. i want to know. if he is alive, please bring my son home. he was abducted late last year. more than 30 other opposition supporters are also missing. they took part in antigovernment demonstrations in january. >> i think they're dead. they were taken somewhere to be killed i believe. we've asked the attorney general to investigate but nothing has happened. people here have become aware of a strange and horrible smell coming from is this side of the cemetery. they alerted the police. activis activists believe bodies are buried here but need position.
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the police have cordened it off. >> we are in the central africa region. maybe the number one in freedom of speaking. they are full of, you know, abusing the president. nobody is arresting them. dy is arresting them.
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al when senate democrats blocked a majority attempt to derail the iran nuclear deal, one part of the iranian story ended and another one began. the shiite majority is involved in iraq, syria, and lebanon riling and frightening its sunni neighbors and rivals throughout the region. iran shares some goals in conflict and


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